Shipping Policy

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Shop Q’s Kids LLC use an outside vendor to ship all products to the Shop Q’s Kids website, email, phone, including all not limited to all products and services. We do not ship any products or services directly to customer, vendors, employees and including everyone using our website, email, phone including not limited to all products and services. Our outside vendors are located in different countries, states, cities, in the United States and outside of the United States including and not limited to anywhere in the world. Shop Q’s Kids do not deliver, mail, package all products and services. Our shipping times vary depending on customers, vendors, employees, website visitors location, product, service and vendor location, product and service. Our shipping times vary 7 days or more days depending on vendor, location, product. We are not responsible for any products being delivered or delayed in delivery. We are not responsible for issuing a refund due to and not limited to long delivery times and or delivered delays. Shipping address are protected and used only for the intended purpose of shipping products, goods and services. Shop Q's Kids customers, vendors, purchasers, including and not limited everyone address will be provided to our vendors for the only purpose to delivery products to customers. We value our vendors, customers, website visitors and all other users for our website and products services privacy and shipping concerns. Any concerns and request can be email to We will follow up to any email in 24-72 hours excluding weekends and holidays. Any shipping concerns will be direct to our vendors after the receipt of the email concern. Shop Q’s Kids LLC is not liable to replace, refund, exchange and product, good and services delivered by our vendors. Shop Q's Kids LLC is not responsible for any and or any harm products caused to customers or and anyone who purchase and or receives any products. We are not liable if our vendors do not respond back to our shipping concerns. We are not liable if the product, service, and good is damaged, destroyed, lost, or not in good condition. All products on Shop Q’s Kids LLC website are sold as is and is the consumer, customer, visitors, including not limited to anyone using and purchasing our website.